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Engineering principles of Racks

The Technology inside the sound.

Common Engineering principles

Andante Largo racks (racks, tables, boards) are all designed and built using the same engineering principles.

1. Lightweight but exceptionally rigid

For Example our corner joints are milled from solid Duralamin Alloy. The connecting pipes are constructed from Titanium. Our support boards are ultra strong plywood laminates milled and modified to further reduce vibrations and resonance.

By avoiding super heavy support systems (often thought to be stable through their high mass) we have found that although initially they are hard to vibrate once moving they tend to store low frequency energy which is exceptionally difficult to dampen. Unfortunately the highest energy from the speakers is associated with the lower frequencies. It is this energy that high mass racks can be prone to store and pass into your equipment.

The advantage of light racks and boards is that their low inertial weight makes them vibrate at higher frequencies with much less energy. It is easier to dampen these vibrations and keep them away from your equipment.

For these reasons at Andante-Largo we have always maintained maximum rigidity with the lowest possible mass. Therefore, we believe that racks should be designed to be lightweight for example our 3-shelf standard width table weighs only 11.4kg.

2. Stability and Rigity

We did not take a modular approach idea to our table construction. Our frames are fully assembled with the joints being securely glued with high-strength structural adhesives. Although this limits modularity it provides maximum strength, rigidity and purity.

Andante Largo’s light and rigid construction approaches to control resonance and vibration allow your system to more easily capture the tiny details that are essential in transforming your music.

3. Simple and compact design

Materials are kept to a minimum the more compact the design the lower the Mass and the more rigid the structure and we believe the better it sounds.

Because of our rigid frame design we offer a good selection of widths and shelf spacings. This allows our racks to accommodate the widest range of equipment.

4. Internal Damping

Examples: Silicon rubber, natural wool, resonance cancel weight inside pipes hollowing out shelves, etc.

Internally there is a lot going on to further control resonance and vibration inside the frame. The cutaway picture shows the internal rubber foam and the damping wool and cancel weight.

These techniques further dampen the frame but minimise any mass gain.


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